Visit to MNAC / the National Museum of Contemporary Art

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Visit to MNAC / the National Museum of Contemporary Art

September 28, 2018 | Effy Tselikas | Bucarest, my love

We arrived at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, located -oh surprise- in the old crazy palace of Ceausescu, renamed House of the People, then Palace of the Parliament. A stone monster, it covers 45,000 m2, has 1,100 rooms, 12 floors, and 4 basements. It sits on what used to be part of Bucharest’s historic city center, destroyed to make way for this monstrosity and resulting in the eviction of 50,000 people and the destruction of 7,000 houses and 300 churches.

So big that you can ride your bike around inside…

A symbol of this “controversial heritage”, the last sentence of the tribute to the Brancusi exhibition highlights well: “We are proud, 36 years later, to re-enact a monument of culture so organically embedded into the epoch when it was produced- and so precious  through the lessons it carries for the present.”

The contrast is all the more striking between the presence of the past that we feel all around (sometimes at the corner of a window)

The quasi-clinical functionality of the library open to the public

And the intense eroticism that emanates from the works of the famous sculptor (unfortunately only in photographs).

In the shelter of this tutelary building, one can see in the distance the huge construction of the “Salvation Cathedral of the Romanian Nation”, the largest church ever built in Romania. Not so sure that the lessons of the past have been learned…

The ghosts are still rotting…

And we feel very tiny, even if it is only a representation in cardboard …

Effy Tselikas, Bucarest, September 27, 2018