CHCFE presented at the ENCATC Annual Conference in Lecce, Italy in October 2015.

On 22 October in Lecce, Italy the CHCFE project was presented during the 23rd ENCATC Annual Conference “The Ecology of Culture”. During the “Creative Heritage” Seminar, Claire Giraud-Labalte, CHCFE Steering Committee Member and Chair of the ENCATC Thematic Area “Understanding Heritage” lead this gathering that focused on the managment of an archaeology site and best practice examples of co-creation and community engagement in the preservation and valorization of Cultural Heritage.

The occasion was a perfect setting to present the project and its main findings to this audience of 26 academics, researchers and heritage professionals from Belgium, Canada, China, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Serbia, and the United States. The project results presentation complimented seminar’s aims to: present and promote local practices relating to the conceptual framework of the Annual Conference theme on the ecology of culture; experience cross-fertilization with experts from different disciplinary backgrounds, take into account current events in the field of cultural heritage and museums; and promote the exchange of knowledge and networking for future join-projects.

Claire Giraud-Labalte also gave a presentation on “What’s new for Cultural Heritage?” For the seminar’s many international participants, she provided a brief history of European cultural heritage policy and the latest major EU developments impacting cultural heritage.  This presentation also provided examples of new perspectives for cultural heritage from the Council of Europe, the Namur Declaration, and the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018.

The seminar also included two study visits, first to the archaeology Rudiae site in Salento with a guided tour by Francesco D’Andria, Professor Emeritus, University of Salento, Italy and Grazia Semeraro, Professor, University of Salento, Italy. This was followed by a visit of the Diffused Museum of Cavallino with a tour given by  Grazia Semeraro, the Museum’s Director.

Seminar Material

Presentation by Claire Giraud-Labalte | Download here.